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"Like most people, I hold tension in my neck and shoulders. To top it off, I also clench my jaw and grind my teeth. I was always in some kind of upper body discomfort because each of these things seemed to work in a vicious circle. Sarah worked on my jaw and neck muscles, relieving the tension to the point where I no longer ground my teeth or clenched my jaw at night. I have taught my entire body to relax and if I have trouble getting to sleep I use relaxation techniques that she taught me." 

Toni Best
   Office Manager, New England Review, Middlebury College VT 05753


"I have been a chiropractor for over 25 years and have had lots of good body work.  Sarah is very skilled at body work. She has had a lot of good training and it shows. She is intuitive and goes right to the spot then on to the larger patterns.  She goes deep in a skilled good way.  Vermontís loss is Maineís gain.  She is special."

~  David Pierson
Vermont ACA delegate, past president Vermont VCA, past president of FICS


"Sarah came into my life when I was in great need for a repetitive motion injury.  From the first moment I knew that my healing would be accelerated with her skill, expertise, and ability to stay present to what was needed in each moment of the session.  She also had an overall plan for my return to healthy functioning in body, mind and soul.  Being a body worker in the past for 16 years I am very selective in my choice of therapists.  The combination of safe, skillful, intuitive bodywork combined with a nurturing and supportive presence quickly resolved my physical issues and released me back into a pain free life!"

~  Gaye Abbott
Corvallis, Oregon, , Women Who Thrive, Change the World


"Sarah gives a massage like no one else.  She creates an atmosphere of total relaxation and serenity. Her loving presence and massage expertise is a totally delightful , restorative and nurturing experience.  When you leave a massage from Sarah you are dreaming about the next time you will see her!"

~  Susan Goldstein
Sales & Marketing, Herbthyme Farms


"A session with Sarah is such a gift to ones self!  She is knowledgeable, professional, and intuitive. Her touch is the perfect combination of peaceful calm and energy and she includes her clients in decisions about their healing. The muscle tension, injuries, and worries of my life melt away as I lie on Sarahís table. She is an expert!"

~ Missy Foote
Director of Physical Education, Head Lacrosse Coach, Memorial Field House, Middlebury College


"Sarah has a real knack for "listening" to what my body needs for work.  Her artful, yet deep, massage therapy has helped me successfully through a few stubborn injuries. She has also been instrumental in helping to relieve my daily aches and pains from the stress of my job and outdoor activities.  Sarah has a very keen interest in continually learning about the body and is often taking new classes and workshops to improve her practice."                               

~ Susan Perkins
Administrative Assistant, Middlebury College


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Sarah Stevens Smith, NCBTMB, Licensed Massage Therapist
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